Films & Podcasts on the Human Experience

Steven Fage
Podcast Host
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Delphi City
Feature Film

Delphi City is a reimagined vampire origin story about the arrival of vampires among humans. Stories unfold about a violent vendetta between two cities, a growing partnership, and a love story, simultaneously exposing the social issues of discrimination and hate crimes.

My Niche is Human

Conversations about the Human Experience through topics ranging from imposter syndrome to the dark side of comedy.


Latest Projects

Delphi Hero Image
Feature Film

Delphi City

Producer: EYEROC Media & The Rug Productions

Latest Episodes

Jojo White Dark Side of Comedy holding a microphone
My Niche Is Human

The Dark Side of Comedy

The Dark Side of Comedy and its connection with Depression.There have been studies trying to quantify where the psychology and magic come from.

The Artist's Way: 25th Anniversary Edition
My Niche Is Human

Journey Through The Artist’s Way

Is there an untapped artist within you waiting to be let free? Have you lost years of your life not being as creative? Journey Through The Artist’s Way

Dawn Fraser Storytelling and Hosting
My Niche Is Human

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

We unpack the idea of story, how and why we tell ourselves the stories we do, and what we can do to tell ourselves better, more empowering stories.